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Take a moment to learn some history behind Yoshimura and the Famous Yoshimura Motorcycle Exhaust…

Tucked back in the industrial sector of Chino Hills, CA is the home of Yoshimura R&D of America, Inc. Some of the world famous Yoshimura exhaust pipes are pumped out of this facility daily. Yoshimura didn’t become famous over night! In the early days of Yoshimura back in 1954 when they first became a company, founder Hideo Yoshimura affectionately called “Pops” by his friends, started making race car and motorcycle engines in Japan. His products high level of performance quickly made his popularity spread throughout the racing community in Japan. In the mid 1970’s he fulfilled his dream of starting Yoshimura R&D of America. In the United State the response to Yoshimura’s products and high level of performance was similar to the response in Japan and popularity began to spread quickly. Once Hideo’s footprint had been made in the United States he returned to Japan to run Yoshimura of Japan.

In his place he left his son, Fujio who took over the company during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Pop’s vision of top level performance lived on through Fujio’s time. The company became a leader in the art of sport bike performance and technology. When it came time in the late 1980’s for Fujio to move on he left Suehiro Watanabe also know as “Nabe” to his friends, in charge to carry on the winning tradition. At that point Nabe was only a mechanic but he was very versed in the art of performance and winning. In 2004 the company proudly celebrated 50 years of business with Nabe leading the way.

Throughout the years the one thing that remained consistent was that teams running Yoshimura motorcycle exhaust won races. With roots deep in racing, Yoshimura runs teams competing in roadracing, motocross, supercross, GNC, and WPSA. Most notably Yoshimura Suzuki’s roadracing team, they have won the AMA Superbike Championship eight out of the last nine years, running Yoshimura sport bike exhaust. Competing at the top levels of professional racing keeps this company at the leading edge of performance and technology.

Currently they are pushing the envelope in ATV GNC racing in the United States. Campaigning with the Rockstar/MSR/Suzuki/Yoshimura/Pro Taper team and riders Doug Gust (Multi-time GNC Champion), Dustin Wimmer (2003 Amateur of the year), and Chad Wienen, they are an unbearable matchup for their opponents. Watch out for this dynamic team running Yoshimura ATV exhaust.

Team Gary Jones/Yoshimura also competes alongside the Rockstar team with two very talented racers in Joe Haavisto and Jason Dunkelberger. Brant Russell of Yoshimura R&D America has released statements saying “Yoshimura is excited about growing the sport of ATV racing”. JC Motors and our customers are with you Mr. Russell!

Yoshimura/Suzuki roadracing team headed by Don Sakakura and Rich Doan is the best racing team that AMA Superbike racing has ever seen. Racer Mat Mladin is a 6 time AMA Superbike Champion, the winningest racer in AMA History, the only racer to ever get every pole position in an entire season, and the only racer to ever win 12 races in one year. If that’s not enough racer Ben Spies has won the last two AMA Superbike Championships in a row and his only competition is his teammate. Oh, and lets not forget that he won both the AMA Superbike Championship and the AMA Supersport Championship in 2007. Tommy Hayden is the third racer in this three headed snake. He has two AMA Supersport titles to his credit, one in 2004 and one in 2005.

Yoshimura also cut there teeth in freestyle MX with Team 199 and Travis Pastrana. Running Yoshimura motocross exhaust, Travis flips through the air regularly with ease. At the age of 14 he won his first World Free-Style Championship, he has earned a Gold metal in 5 out of the last 7 X Games. He competes for titles in rally car racing, Supercross, Free Style Motocross, and Supermoto. Travis Pastrana’s list of accomplishments is too long for this article. It could be argued that he is the most notable two-wheel athlete in the world. It’s no surprise to anyone that he has Yoshimura pipes on his Suzuki’s. Travis is another great example of what can be accomplished running these Yoshimura dirt bike exhausts.

Yoshimura motorcycle exhaust has become one of the most popular motorcycle exhausts in the world. What many people don’t know is that they produce other products beyond just the Yoshimura pipes. For instance, they produce apparel, PIM (Peripheral Interface Modul) Fuel Injection Unit, FIMAK (Fuel Injection Map Adjuster Kit) preprogrammed for Yoshimura pipes. They also sell bar ends, BMC race filters, race stand stoppers, carbon fiber case guard sets, oil filler plugs, off road end cap plugs, and many other products. They have become a very versatile company! If you want to get the best price on Yoshimura pipes or any of their other products please visit JC Motors – Where Riders Get Deals!

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