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Sena 20S Helmet Clamp Kit for CB/Audio of Harley-Davidson

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20S Helmet Clamp Kit for CB/Audio of Harley-Davidson
SKU: 20S-A0203
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Sena 20S Helmet Clamp Kit for CB/Audio of Harley-Davidson
  • Bring all of the sound of your onboard audio system right into your helmet with the Sena 20S Helmet Clamp Kit.
  • The adapter cable with 7-pin DIN plug connects the onboard audio system to the helmet clamp and allows users to listen to the onboard audio system, including FM radio and GPS navigation.
  • The CB radio retains full functionality via use of the integrated PTT switch/button and clamp kit microphone.
When paired up with a Sena 20S main module, all sounds - CB radio, GPS navigation, and FM radio - from the onboard audio system can be mixed with Sena 20S sound sources, including intercom, MP3 music, and phone.

  •     Connects to onboard audio system with the included 7-pin adapter cable
  •     Offers full onboard audio functionality directly into helmet
  •     Fully compatible with Sena 20S modules (sold separately)

JC Motors Part# 20S-A0203

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JC Motors Part # 20S-A0203
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