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Schuberth Helmets

Schuberth Helmets – Creators of the lightest, quietest, most aerodynamic helmet in the world. To assist with the shopping experience we have provided high definition Schuberth videos, customer reviews and access to all the products technical specifications. In addition, sizing charts, cross reference charts, and multiple images are also posted for live viewing. For further assistance from one of our qualified professionals contact us via our ‘Live Support’ link or call us at (800) 706-9476.

Schuberth Helmets

JC Motors is a proud Authorized Dealer of Schuberth Motorcycle Helmets and its easy to see why. Schuberth Helmets solve a lot of the problems that you come across with conventional helmets. The first thing you will notice when you put this helmet on is how comfortable it is. Once on the road a couple other features quickly make themselves known. For starters, the loud wind blasting into your ears that your used to is no longer there and second you will notice how little wind resistence you are experiencing. Less wind resistence means less stress on your head and neck and by the end of a long day riding, that is something you will appreciate.

So why wait? Get your wind tunnel Inspired and designed helmet today and experience superior aero dynamics and a helmet built for quiet comfort. JC Motors is the only place in the world you can get these Schuberth C3 Pro Helmets with LifeReturns®.

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