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Pro Circuit

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Pro Circuit, Inc. was started in 1978 by Mitch Peyton making it one of the oldest motorcycle exhaust companies in the industry. Mitch, who was a desert racing pro and master motorcycle tuner started Pro Circuit we he was 18 years old. Word quickly spread around southern California about the company and Mitch's skills as an engine tuner.
Mitch's skills as a cylinder porting and polishing expert soon lead him and Pro Circuit Racing into other parts of the motorcycle. They began focusing their attention on custom tuned high output Pro Circuit motorcycle exhaust pipes followed by racing silencers. This line grew very quickly into what it is today with exhausts competing in motocross, off-road, mini's, sport atv, utility atv, and youth atv markets. In the motocross market they now offer the Pro Circuit Racing Ti-4 Exhaust. In the sport ATV exhaust market Pro Circuit Racing now offers the powerhouse Pro Circuit Racing ATV T-4 Exhaust.
Next came the Pro Circuit suspension shop and various other performance motorcycle accessories such as graphics, controls, body, accessories, and apparel. With the success Pro Circuit was experiencing in racing their suspension line also grew very quickly in popularity. Pro Circuit's success is now very apparent when you take a look at their beautiful facility located in Corona, CA. Pro Circuit Racing distributors are now located in 35 countries around the world and products can be purchased in the USA via five different distributors.
In 1991 Pro Circuit Racing teamed up with Honda and broke the mold by bringing in outside sponsor Peak Antifreeze to support two relatively unknown racers, one was a rookie by the name of Jeremy McGrath. The team swept the 125 East and West Supercross championships that year. In 1997 Mitch teamed up with Kawasaki to support another rookie entering the professional ranks by the name of Ricky Carmichael. Ricky went on to win the 125 National Motocross Championship that year. Mitch Peyton and Pro Circuit Racing have revolutionized the motorcycle industry by bring in outside sponsors which forever changed the way teams would be marketed and financed.
With such a great history of winning races it is easy to see why Pro Circuit Racing is one of the top exhaust companies in the world. We hope that you have found this information informative and that you will tell your family and friends about the great deals you found at JC Motors - Where Riders Get Deals!

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