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Motorcycle Accessories Guide - Ride Smart!

Great deals on motorcycle accessories start here with products that are in high demand. Fast shipping and our LifeReturns® policy make us a favorite online stop among the motorcycling community. The coolest motorcycles all have one thing in common, accessories from JC Motors!

Need to transport a motorcycle? There are several popular ways to do this and popular products that can help.

  • Using a trailer to tow: Requires a set of tie downs and soft ties for the front of the bike and to be redundant, a set for the back of the bike as well. Soft ties help prevent paint and other finishings from getting scratched.
  • In the back of a pick-up truck: In this situation tie downs and soft ties are still needed but in addition you will need a loading ramp.
  • Transport with cycle carriers: These carriers attach to the hitch of your vehicle and require tie downs and soft ties, but you may also want to consider a hitch pin lock.

Motorcycle Storage/Maintanence Accessories - Extend the life of your Motorcycle
Proper storage and maintenance of a motorcycle can drastically extend its life and reduce the cost of ownership.
Here are a few simple maintenance and storage tips.

  • If you own a motorcycle and do not have the service manual you should make it a priority to get one and follow the suggested maintenance.
  • It can be very handy to purchase a bolt kit so you have some replacement bolts for your motorcycle. The vibration of the motor tends to make bolts back out, and that means regularly tightening bolts and doing visual inspections of your motorcycle is crucial. 
  • Motorcycle lifts are a great way to save your back while doing inspections because they allow you to raise the motorcycle up to a comfortable working level instead of hunching over.
  • Motorcycles obviously only have two wheels making it exceedingly important that anyone who owns a motorcycle own regularly use a tire pressure gauge.
  • Motorcycles all across the world are leaned against the walls of garages and sheds and this is a problem. When a motorcycle sits, the tires bear the stress of the weight and eventually start cracking with age. To prevent this, many motorcyclists use bike stands that lift the tires off the ground while the bike is being stored.
  • It is also important to protect the paint of a bike so a motorcycle cover can be very important.

Plan Your Ride Ahead of Time - Be ready for Surprises
PAY ATTENTION to this paragraph and you may save yourself a major hassle.

  • Plan your route on road/trail maps before you leave, this goes for street and dirt riders. 
  • GPS devices are very useful but should be used as a secondary method of navigation so in the event that they fail you will not be lost. Planning your route gives you the opportunity to tell others where you will be while also allowing you to calculate the amount of fuel you will need for your trip.
  • Give yourself time to pack all the supplies you need for your ride. We suggest at minimum you bring along a small tool kit and tire repair kit on any ride.

On the Road/Trail Accessories - More than just a Luxury
Some motorcycle accessories sound like luxury items…until you need them! 

  • Grip warmers are a great example, there is nothing more miserable than being frozen on a long ride, grip warmers are invaluable in that situation.
  • Another very common issue that motorcyclists run into is a lack of storage. Many times you start a ride and you have a place for everything but then it happens, inevitably you have to carry something unexpected and cargo nets can really come in handy.
  • When you are on the road this last motorcycle accessory can really put your mind at ease. We are taking about a tire pressure monitoring system that gives you real time data during your ride about your tire pressure.

Motorcycling is Fun - Get Family and Friends Involved
The world is divided! The topic of motorcycles really separates people into two camps.

  • People who love motorcycles and people who haven't been properly introduced to the life style. When sharing the joys of riding with people it is important to create a culture of rider awareness and safety.
  • People who understand the importance of taking the right precautions will be significantly safer on roads and trails.

One last thing, we highly suggest introducing a new rider to the sport by inviting them to a riding school or clinic such as the Total Control Riding Clinic by Lee Parks for a well rounded introduction.  Small things like motorcycle games are a great first step for soon-to-be riders.  Get kids involved early with training bikes, toys and motorcycle schools supplies.

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