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A good motorcycle intercom isn't hard to find these days and recent technology advances have increased rider usability and provided a much more attractive product for the motorcycle enthusiast. Traditional forms of a Harley Davidson intercom (that is a system that can be used on the popular Harley Davidson motorcycle as well as all other bikes but by no means is made by Harley Davidson) comes in a kit that includes headsets, microphones, main unit and connecting wires. Brands like Nady and Motocomm make very affordable kits that even have the ability to receive FM radio signals. These lower cost systems allow driver to passenger communication but rider to rider chat is not possible due to their "wired" configuration.

Chatterbox intercom was a pioneer in the development of wireless motorcycle communications utilizing two-way radio technology. Their systems allow drivers to talk with passengers and riders to talk with riders via FM frequencies. This system also provides for integration with your music source so you can connect your radio, MP3 player or iPod. The latest development motorcycle intercom includes the ability to pair up multiple Bluetooth devices. This means you can connect with your Bluetooth equipped phone and talk while you ride. Chatterbox even has a bluetooth adaptor system for your iPod called the iJet which makes connecting to your iPod a wireless task. They have the ability to pair up with most GPS systems, allowing the "voice of direction" to be heard. If you would like to customize the mounting of your unit or connect special devices to it there are many accessories available to assist you.

Several other companies make intercom systems that use Bluetooth technology to allow drivers to talk to their passenger or chat on the phone. N-com is one of these companies and makes a system specifically for Nolan helmets. This motorcycle intercom actually mounts inside the Nolan helmet for a smooth exterior appearance. Rider to rider communication is not provided by the system. Communications between riders would only be possible by utilizing your phone to call the other rider.

The Scala Rider motorcycle intercom is another that produces a Bluetooth-friendly communication system and even sells them packaged in pairs. This intercom provides two-way radio communication between the driver and passenger and also allow you to pair up with your Bluetooth equipped phone. Features include VOX, Voice-activated controls, and self-adusting speaker volume.

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