Öhlins AB Road & Track Suspension Front Shock
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Öhlins AB Road & Track Suspension Front Shock Absorber Type S46ER1 for BMW R1200ST 05-06

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JC Motors Part # BM505
Öhlins AB Road & Track Suspension Front Shock Absorber Type S46ER1 for BMW R1200ST
Öhlins AB Road & Track Suspension Front Shock Absorber Type S46ER1 for BMW R1200ST
  • Item fits 2005-2006 models.
  • Ever since starting out in 1976, the focus for Öhlins Racing AB has been on becoming the obvious choice for those who want a shock absorber that goes beyond the run-of-the-mill shock absorbers, and that surpasses the highest of standards.
  • Every shock absorber is a technically advanced product with respect to performance, precision, quality, endurance, safety and reliability.
  • Each motorcycle model evaluated individually, down to the smallest detail.
  • Professional riders, often competion riders, carry out tests, both on a track and on public roads.
  • The shock's designation tells you what its features and specifications are:
    • S46 - Single tube 46mm piston
    • E - Emulsion type
    • R1 - Adjustable rebound
  • Shocks come from the Öhlins factory with a spring optimized for a 175 lb (80 kg) rider.  Provide us with the rider's weight at checkout to have the shock optimized for the rider's weight.
  • Image is representative of the shock type listed.  Variations in mounting, reservoir position, and other factors will be correct to fit your model's specific requirements.
  • For BMW R1200ST.

JC Motors Part# BM505

Öhlins Manufacturer Warranty



Öhlins Racing AB 2007-10-04, 1 (3)
RACING AB, 2007-10-04
This product is in accordance with the quality standard set by Öhlins Racing AB which is
certified according to ISO 9001.
These conditions apply to the product and possible accessory/ies covered by the
purchasing agreement.
If a defect would occur due to defect material or manufacturing process the complaint shall
be notified to Öhlins Racing AB.
If the distributor wants to file a complaint, Öhlins Racing AB must be notified within
reasonable time, normally fourteen (14) days after the defect has been discovered.
A warranty of five (5) years from date of delivery from Öhlins Racing AB is provided subject
to following terms and conditions.
This warranty covers defect due to defect material and/or manufacturing process, with the
exception for defects according to sections 4.4 – 4.6 below.
Date of delivery means the day which the product was handed over to the carrier.
If a defect, which is covered by the warranty at the time of delivery or during the time of
warranty, occurs, Öhlins Racing AB will, free of charge, correct the defect. Öhlins Racing
AB decide at its own discretion what action is needed to be taken due to the type of defect,
extent, complexity to define the defect, supply of spare parts and service capacity. As
stipulated in section 3 above the complaint shall be notified to Öhlins Racing AB.
Costs for dismantling or installation, transportation etc. will be borne by the
If the defect is not corrected within three (3) months – either due to the fact it is not possible
to correct the defect or the action necessary to correct the defect is not in proportion with
the defect as such – the distributor, is entitled to claim either a new product or reduction of
the purchase price.
Öhlins Racing AB 2007-10-04, 2 (3)
Products manufactured for Racing
A complaint regarding defect Racing product due to defect material or defect due to
manufacturing process must be notified within one (1) year of date of delivery. The
definition of Defect due to manufacturing process is that the product is wrongly assembled
or wrongly designed by Öhlins Racing AB.
Öhlins Racing provides a good-will warranty of three (3) months for Racing products.
Wear and tear parts i e gasket, packing, washer etc. are not covered by the warranty.
The warranty does not cover defects due to;
- manuals or other instructions regarding use or installation have not been
- wrongful installation.
- the product has not been appropriately maintained or neglected care.
- normal wear and tear.
- other similar circumstances, which are not due to defect material or
manufacturing process.
- product has been used for a purpose it was not intended or designed for.
- product has not been installed in the intended vehicle.
The distributor is not entitled to any other or any kind of compensation than
stipulated above, consequently no compensation for personal injury, financial damage
including but not limited to loss of profit or revenue, or damage on other property than the
product itself.
If Öhlins Racing AB’s services are used inappropriately Öhlins Racing AB will invoice the
distributor for the costs incurred.
Repair or exchange of spare parts do not prolong the time of warranty or set
a new time of the warranty. Exchanged parts do not have a warranty.
The distributor is obliged to provide reasonable assistance if a defect has been notified.
Damages due to transportation of the product (transportation damages) must be notified to
the carrier when the product is delivered to the distributor or seven (7) days after delivery at
the latest.
Öhlins Racing AB 2007-10-04, 3 (3)
Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with these conditions, or
the breach, termination or invalidity thereof shall first of all be tried to be resolved by
negotiations between the parties. If the parties can not come to an agreement the dispute
shall be settled by a court of law and in accordance with the substantive laws of Sweden
without regard to its principles of conflict of laws.
Öhlins AB Road & Track Suspension Front Shock Absorber Type S46ER1 for BMW R1200ST 05-06 fits the following vehicle(s):
  • 2005 BMW R1200ST
  • 2006 BMW R1200ST
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