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Searching for a Motorcycle Helmet can be difficult because there are so many different helmets to choose from. This guide should help you narrow down your search so you can find the perfect motorcycle helmet.

Step 1

Figure out what size helmet you need - To measure your head for the correct motorcycle helmet size, measure the circumference of the head one inch above the eyebrows, above the ears. Sizing information is provided by each manufacturer but does not guarantee a perfect fit. Helmet should fit snugly but not overly tight. Heads are not all shaped the same so helmets may fit one person differently than the next.

Step 2

Helmet Style - This may be a no brainer to experienced riders but new motorcycle riders need to decide what helmet style will suite their riding needs best; Full face or Open face. Full face motorcycle helmets are the safer choice because of added frontal protection. Open face helmets offer a "sun in your face, wind in your hair" type experience on a motorcycle that many people enjoy.

Step 3

Deciding how much to pay – Don’t choose a motorcycle helmet solely based on graphics. The value of a motorcycle helmet is in its construction. That is also the biggest factor in how much a helmet will cost. Just remember that all motorcycle helmets are not created equally (Arai’s aren't $600 for nothing).

Once a size, style and spending limit has been determined finding the perfect helmet online at jcmotors.com is easy. Motorcycle riding can be a lot of fun but things can go wrong really quick and it is important to always wear a motorcycle helmet. Our cheapest helmet is still a thousand times better than crashing without a helmet!

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