Gorilla Cycle Alarm w/ 3-Button Remote Transmitter
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Gorilla Cycle Alarm with 3-Button Remote Transmitter

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JC Motors Part # 8007GORI
Gorilla Cycle Alarm with 3-Button Remote Transmitter
Gorilla Cycle Alarm with 3-Button Remote Transmitter
  • Motion Tilt Sensor: Activates the alarm when the motorcycle is moved off of its side stand.
  • Current Drain Sensor: Stops hot wiring by activating the alarm when there is a current drop in the motorcycle's electrical system.
  • Shock Sensor: Any impact to the motorcycle will activate the alarm. Set the sensitivity to any of the 7 different levels depending on your surroundings.
  • LED Warning Light: Indicates that your Cycle Alarm is armed and provides a visual deterrent against theft.
  • Powerful 120dB Piezo 5-Tone siren.
  • Simple installation takes less than 20 minutes.
  • 2-way paging system compatibility.
  • Accepts up to 3 transmitters.
  • Small, lightweight 3-button remote transmitter enables you to arm, disarm and set all of the alarm features such as shock sensor and siren modes.
  • Alarm body and wire connections are 100% waterproof.
  • Ultra-compact size fits virtually all makes and models.
  • 2-year manufacturer's defects and workmanship warranty.
JC Motors Part# 8007
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