FMF Power Bomb Stainless Steel Header Yamaha
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FMF Power Bomb Stainless Steel Exhaust Head Pipe Yamaha YZ 450 F/WR 450 F 03-06 / YFZ 450 04-10 MOTO

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JC Motors Part # 044033
FMF Power Bomb Yamaha YZF450F 03-04 MOTO Stainless Steel Header
FMF Power Bomb Yamaha YZ450F / WR450F / YFZ450 Moto Stainless Steel Header
  • Fits YZ/WR450F 2003-2006 and YFZ450 2004-2010 models.
  • The redesigned Power Bomb is a four-stroke header that incorporates FMF's patented Power Bomb module at a precise location in the initial stage of the header. By positioning this "Bomb" at a key point in the system, increased performance and flow is achieved through the expansion and contraction of exhaust sonics through the system. Result is a flow increase of nearly 10%. The outer chamber of the Power Bomb allows the air to expand, cool and ramp back up at a higher velocity.
  • Additionally the Power Bomb is a "pre-muffler" of sorts which helps to lower the bikes sound output by providing more sound absorbing surface area for the exhaust gases.
  • Pre-muffler lowers sound output up to 1.5dB.
  • Modular exhaust port flange for reliability and less vibration.
  • This is the motocross version which is focused on the mid to upper RPM range.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • *California warning: The California Air Resources Board ("CARB") does not permit the use of aftermarket products that remove or alter OEM emission control devices unless certified by CARB, other than for racing vehicles on closed courses. This product is legal for use ONLY in Competition Racing Vehicles and is Not legal for use on public roads, streets, or highways. If your shipping address is inside California we will cancel the transaction and refund in full.
  • For Yamaha YFZ450S, YFZ450SES, YFZ450SET, YFZ450T, YFZ450V, YFZ450SE2W, YFZ45SEW, YFZ450SPX, YFZ450XL, WR450FR, WR450FS, WR450FT, WR450FV, YZ450FR, YZ450FS, YZ450FT, YZ450FV and YZ450FSPV.

JC Motors Part# 040073


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FMF Power Bomb Stainless Steel Exhaust Head Pipe Yamaha YZ 450 F/WR 450 F 03-06 / YFZ 450 04-10 MOTO fits the following vehicle(s):
  • 2003 YAMAHA WR450FR
  • 2004 YAMAHA WR450FS
  • 2005 YAMAHA WR450FT
  • 2006 YAMAHA WR450FV
  • 2004 YAMAHA YFZ450S
  • 2007 YAMAHA YFZ450SE2W S.E. 2
  • 2004 YAMAHA YFZ450SES SE
  • 2005 YAMAHA YFZ450SET SE
  • 2008 YAMAHA YFZ450SPX S.E.
  • 2005 YAMAHA YFZ450T
  • 2006 YAMAHA YFZ450V
  • 2008 YAMAHA YFZ450XL
  • 2007 YAMAHA YFZ45SEW S.E.
  • 2003 YAMAHA YZ450FR
  • 2004 YAMAHA YZ450FS
  • 2005 YAMAHA YZ450FT
  • 2006 YAMAHA YZ450FV
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