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Answer Racing

Answer Racing was established 1976 – Relentlessly advancing style with engineered fit for today’s racers. To assist with the shopping experience we have provided high definition Answer Racing videos, customer reviews and access to all the products technical specifications. In addition, sizing charts, cross reference charts, and multiple images are also posted for live viewing. For further assistance from one of our qualified professionals contact us via our ‘Live Support’ link or call us at (800) 706-9476.

Answer LogoAnswer Racing has been a part of the modern motocross culture almost as long as modern motocross has been around. While the competition is cutting back because of a tough economy, Answer Racing is forging forward with new innovative ideas and products. Getting new gear is generally a decision you want to put some thought into since you will likely be wearing this gear for at least a season. So what do you really need to know?

Is this gear going to protect me?
Answer Racing makes advances in their design every year and it just keeps getting better. It was started in 1976 by Eddie Cole and by our best calculations that means at least 33 technological advances at least have been made throughout the years. In short, this gear offers a top level of protection.

Am I going to be comfortable in this riding gear?
Let’s face it, you have enough on your mind when you are riding a motorcycle. The last thing you need is to be distracted by a seam that is rubbing you the wrong way. Answer Racing spends countless hours ensuring that their gear is constructed with the highest quality materials for maximum comfort. As a rider it is your responsibility to make sure the gear you get fits correctly so we have include a Answer Racing sizing chart to help you out.

Does this gear look good without drawing to much attention?
A company like Answer doesn't last as long as they have in the racing world without having some great looking products. This definitely isn't a here today gone tomorrow type of company. They have earned their stripes and are a highly respected brand at the race track.

Does anyone endorse this brand that knows more than you about riding gear?
Let's face it, most days you are probably doing something other than riding your dirt bike. That means that aside from the one or two pairs of gear you go through a year you don't have a ton of experience when it comes to the best motocross gear. That is why it is comforting to know that experienced experts that know the difference between good and bad gear endorse Answer Racing. Who is more of an expert than me, you ask? James Stewart rides Answer Racing!

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