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Over 70,000 motorcycles are stolen each year in the US. It doesn't cost much to protect yourself and keep this from happening to you. Motorcycle Alarms are a huge deterant for theives and just the site of an alarm is generally enough to keep the common criminal away. New motorcycle alarms are using some really impressive technology to let us motorcyclists keep close tabs on our machines. Some of the alarms even have key fob type pager's with LED screens displaying live information about your motorcycle.

Can you image if you never had to worry about weather or not someone knocked your motorcycle over? With a new alarm you can look at the tilt sensor on your pager unit and you know your motorcycle is safe. This isn't old school technology like those car guys use. This is real state of the art motorcycle technology that allows you to walk near your motorcycle and disarm the alarm without ever reaching for your pager. Make the right choice and protect your motorcycle today so you wont be one of the 70,000 tomorrow.

Features like electrical current sensor, tilt sensor, shock sensor, clock, warn-away mode, screen lamp, range indicator, power-save button and lock and pager vibration mode can be found on our new Gorilla Alarms. The great part is that installation takes less than a half hour.

By incorporating RFID to the Scorpio alarm SR-i900 system it is able to know when the remote is walking close to the bike and when its not, allowing the user to never have to reach for the remote to protect the bike. RFID technology - auto activates and deactivates the system.

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