Torco SR-1 Synthetic Racing Oils
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Torco SR-1 Synthetic Racing Oils

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Torco SR-1 Synthetic Racing Oils
Torco SR-1 Synthetic Racing Oils
  • The new Torco SR-1 Racing Oils are perfectly blended to provide complete protection for your high performance engine.
  • Under the most extreme race conditions, SR-1 Racing Oils will keep your engine running cooler and longer - after all, the objective is to finish!
  • Torco SR-1 Racing Oils are formulated with a unique combination of synthetic base oils and Torco's proprietary additive, Generation II MPZ®, which is engineered to outperform and outlast the competition, with race proven results.
  • The zinc content is key to SR-1 Racing Oils' anti-wear protection.
  • SR-1 Racing Oils exceed all API ratings.
  • SR-1 Racing Oils will provide dyno-tested results:
    • Increased horsepower (+3-5%).
    • Increased torque (+3.5%).
    • Reduced engine temperatures.
    • Improved fuel efficiency.
    • Reduced engine deposits/oxidation.
  • Available in 1 Liter bottles.
JC Motors Part # A161033CE
JC Motors Part # A161044CE
JC Motors Part # A162055CE
JC Motors Part # A162560CE
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