Spectro Golden Gear Lube
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Spectro Golden Gear Lube

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Spectro Golden Gear Lube
Spectro Golden Gear Lube

  • This shear-stable petroleum transmission case lubricant is specially designed to withstand the punishment of second and third gear starts, so you can count on exceptional clutch engagement and temperature stability.
  • Eliminates clutch 'drag' and 'slipping' and meets all known motorcycle manufacturers' warranty requirements.
  • Protects 2 and 4-stroke transmissions and assures smooth shifting and low-drag operation for high performance transmissions.
  • 80w is equivalent to 10w30 engine oil while 85w is equivalent to 10w40 engine oil while providing better gear protection than motor oils.
  • Not to be used as an engine lubricant.
JC Motors Part # L.GSCGL80
JC Motors Part # L.GSCGL85
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